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Providing a modern mobile experience for the taxi industry.


  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Native App Development (iOS & Android)


Faced with increasing competition, the taxi industry needed to stay current by providing modern, reliable, and user-friendly experiences while still adhering to city regulations.


We partnered with CMT Group on Arro—a suite of mobile apps that serve both cabs and their passengers—enabling easy e-hailing, taxi pairing, and payment processing.



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Design System

Creating a unified, flexible system

We fortunately inherited a partial brand guide, and worked from this foundation to build out Arro’s digital brand by introducing new styles, elements, and UI patterns. Together, this collection forms a flexible and comprehensive design system that is shared across all Arro products and unifies them under the Arro brand.

Passenger App

Fast, Easy, Safe

Taxi Pair & Pay

By analyzing customer feedback, we were able to discern that a large differentiator of the taxi industry over other ride-share services was the convenience of being able to hop into any available taxi and go. We capitalized on this niche by designing a simple pair-and-pay feature, so passengers with an Arro account could easily sync with any taxi and pay for a ride through their phone.


Our client also needed a modern E-Hailing experience to stay competitive in the ride-sharing space, so we designed a custom e-hailing UI experience that leveraged Arro’s new Price Engine system. This enabled Arro passengers to see their total fare (in some cases accurate to the exact penny) before committing to a ride.

Driver Apps

One app to run on all devices

An app for taxi drivers was developed in tandem with the passenger app. A driver app was created for iOS and Android devices, as well as integrated taxi hardware and TomToms. The driver app enabled drivers to respond to e-hails and included business intelligence tools to help drivers find more rides.

This one tablet app replaced many functionalities that were only availble within the cabs themself. Arro Driver replaced the in-car GPS, meter, CPU, and payment device. This hardware agnostic approach allows CMT to quickly update and maintain the tools needed by their drivers without having to re-service each individual cab—saving technicians hundreds of hours.

Admin & Dispatch

An omnipotent view of all trips

An Arro admin panel gives the dispatch center a "God-mode" view of all rides that occur that day.


An Ongoing Relationship

Our work on Arro is a part of our daily design and development efforts. We continue to collaborate with CMT and look forward to announcing exciting feature enhancements and new product offerings in the near future.

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